I Wanna Be The Very Best

30kg squat today

It makes me sad that I’ve slid backwards so much

But I’m happy that I’m regaining lost ground pretty fast :)

Pretty standard for food on campus. Oily, sugary and atop a mountain of white rice. There’s one or two exceptions but getting a decently balanced is really going to take effort this year. 
On the plus side I just weighed myself for the first time in a couple weeks and it turned out a bit better than expected, so there’s that? View Larger

Pretty standard for food on campus. Oily, sugary and atop a mountain of white rice. There’s one or two exceptions but getting a decently balanced is really going to take effort this year.
On the plus side I just weighed myself for the first time in a couple weeks and it turned out a bit better than expected, so there’s that?

Yet again, it’s been a while.

I’ve had my settling in period, it’s time to cut the crap.

Being in a new country on the other side of the world, with limited food/cooking options and the inability to go on a run without coming home entirely drenched in sweat (even at 4am!)…it’s gonna be interesting. Also my work load is getting really serious. I’m just gonna have to avoid wasting my time like I used to.

Back to the old routine. Back to lifting, back to yoga. If I can deal with the crazy sweating it would be nice to start running again properly as well. I need to be careful not to break myself, I’ve had a couple run ins with my abs not taking kindly to being stressed. I gotta look after myself.

Me and my Frankenbelly

I’ve been gone from Tumblr a while because I’ve had a lot going on in my life recently. This is just part of it. It’s not the usual kind of progress story, but it’s one that I am proud of.

Two weeks ago I was at work minding my own business when suddenly I felt a cramping pain in my guts. Most people would assume this was food poisoning but I knew that this was the feeling of a blocked small intestine. This had happened to me once before…it took over 24 hours of cramping pain and being diagnosed wrongly with appendicitis and gallstones before someone figured out what was up - scar tissue from an operation to remove ovarian cancer tumours from 2 years ago had gotten all up in my business and was strangling my guts. Nothing got through, including gas, and I couldn’t eat, drink or poop for the 2 weeks it took in hospital to get sorted out. But back in May it did sort itself out and I went on my merry way. Now I had it again.

After a week in hospital nothing was changing in the slightest. The non-surgical route wasn’t going to work this time and now a second operation to fix me was my only hope. So I went back under the knife.

This photo album shows my scar at different times. I wasn’t in shape at all before I got the first scar. You can see in the first picture in the album at the top of this post. I was bloated and stretch marked, I weighed 183lb at my heaviest and I had very little lean mass. I don’t hesitate to say I was and still am proud of my body at that time all the same - it had done a decent job of pulling through 4 rounds of chemo and now a 9 hour surgery and I was just happy to be alive and have all my inside bits still on the inside (before the op I was terrified of waking up to find I had a colostomy bag).

It took 11 days to recover from the first operation enough to leave hospital. I was only unable to eat from the date of surgery until about 4 days later when my digestive system kicked back in again. I took 4 days to stand up without help from physio, at least a week before I was walking with a zimmer frame and left the hospital using a cane for support.

After that first surgery I decided to get fit. I started with pilates and swimming and then did the Couch to 5k. I switched to astanga yoga and after discovering places like /r/fitness and the fitness community on Tumblr, I started to strength train following Stronglifts 5x5 and trying to build up to full push ups and unassisted chin ups. This summer I ran my first proper 5k and I was riding my bike 16 miles every day to get to work, 5 days a week.

As a result, the second time round having surgery I recovered so much faster. I starved for a week before going under the knife because again the scar tissue blocked anything from passing through, even water or gas. I had to have IV fluids. 3 days afterwards I got myself out of bed with no assistance. The next day I was able to walk unaided and have a shower by myself. I was out of hospital 6 days after I was operated on, and on day 7 I took my dog on a 10 minute walk.

I lost 13lb during the past 2 weeks bringing my total weight loss in 2 years down to around 45lb. This is not good weight loss! I inevitably lost muscle during this time because I was starving but at least the extra muscle I had on me means that I am now a much smaller 138lb person than I was the last time I was this weight (when I was 14!). Right now my belly is swollen from the surgery and my back aches from having to do all the holding myself up that my core usually does.

I am 100% determined to get my strength back as soon as possible, to replace the muscle I lost. I’m going to start yoga again when I hit the 2 week mark, and get running again at the 4 week mark. I fully intend on going camping in a couple of weeks and I want to finish off my internship next week as well. When I go back to uni I’m hitting the gym (yay for free gym!). For major abdominal surgery, I’m not doing too bad! The experience I’ve had is exactly why fitness is so important, it gives your body the ability to put up a good fight and I know that it will always be a part of my life from now on.

Also when I can swim again nothing is going to stop me from breaking out the bikini, because I am proud of my Frankenbelly!

TLDR; my digestive system sucks but getting fit is awesome and helped me recover from surgery faster :)


So I’m back. Well probably. I’m going to try and get into a thing of posting regularly again on here but it’ll probably be mostly personal rather than dash stuff.

Lot of stuff going on. I got out of hospital. I finished my exams. I ran a 5k (in the craptastic time of 41mins and I’m still pleased with myself, ha). Now I’m on internship at a control systems company!

And to get to that internship, I am biking 16 miles a day, at what I’ve worked out to be about 18.5kph.


So with any luck by the end of this I will totally have legs and abs of steel! Am doing push ups and a spot of yoga to balance things out a bit. And I found a C25K+ running plan like the one I did originally but to help increase speed and distance after you “graduate” so I might throw a spot of that in at the weekend, maybe do a speed or distance run once a week or something?

I am also potentially helping my gf’s family (who I am currently staying with) to get fit…this is quite the challenge. They (her mum and sister) have said they would like to because they know that struggling to walk for more than 30 mins is kinda not great. So I’m just going to offer encouragement, get us out the house on walks as much as possible (kinda doing c25k but with walking/brisk walking) and help them figure out some healthy meal ideas (fussy eaters in a very meat and two veg house!)

Meanwhile I’ve got more cardio than I’ve ever really been bothered to do before (because I kinda need it to get to work!) and I’m trying to resist the office biccies and have had lots of delicious healthy lunches so far (today was light hummus, roast chicken, cashews, salad, grapes and black pepper in a tortilla, tomorrow the same without the chicken and some stir fried pork and veggies!)

This is gonna be a good summer for me!

I’m pretty screwed for my exam tomorrow but at least my headstand is coming along nicely.

Oh yeah I guess I should have updated. I am out of hospital. I have an epic crap tonne of work to do. Such is life.


Second shot at free fluids.

I haven’t thrown up all the things yet, and I’ve managed a milkshake and a latte.

Also I’m finally getting some work done.

Feel like I’ve forgotten how to work automatically though, and I’ve lost half a stone in a not-good way.

Hospital sux but I am getting better (and K is here with me again <3)